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Trauma Competency Training

There is no better way to train as a therapist than by combining theory with practice. Join me in mastering the understanding of what traumatization entails and how to help clients resolve it. 


The training is taught in 3-month modules that repeat every 6 months. "Traumatization and Its Aftermath" book is used as a the reference text. Come learn from its author.

Group Supervision

Besides individual therapy, a group of clinician in training meet regularly to receive feedback from other members of the cohort. Creating community is an important element of the training.

Individual Supervision

Each clinician in training gets individual supervision in a constant basis. Besides a regular time to meet, supervision is also available at request via zoom, email, text, or in person.


Sometimes in useful that the supervisor attends a session as a way to resolve questions or shifting the dynamic between client and clinician. This is available upon request and assessment of its benefits.

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