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Whether you are in private practice or working on a clinical setting, supervision becomes an absolute necessity, not only to better serve your clients, but also to create community. Join one of my groups or take individual supervision.

If you need supervision on EMDR to get certified, join one of my group, organize a group, or have individual sessions to get your hours.


If one of your cases needs some special attention, you can have a couple of consultation sessions to conceptualize the case and the needed solutions (with or without the client present).

EMDR Supervision & Training Towards EMDRIA Consultant Approval

If you are ready to become a CIT (Consultant in training), you are in the right place. Group and individual sessions for you to master EMDR and become an approved consultant

If you need hours of clinical supervised hours to meet your requirements for your LCSW, I can help.

If you are interested in becoming a trauma therapist, become part of our team of clinicians and I'll train you deeply understand trauma and to master techniques to resolve and heal traumatization.

Learn more and become part of the trauma-focused therapists community


Any of the options interest you? Get in touch to learn more.

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