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9th International ESTD Congress

(European Society for Trauma and Dissociation)
Katowice, Poland, 2024

10/11/2024 — 16:15 to 17:45


The Neurobiological Differences Across Trauma Syndromes 


10/12/2024 — 15 to 16:30

Freeze, Not Frozen: Differentiating Dissociative Reactions from Paralyzing Doubt 

Como Mantener Nuestra Conexión Ante Dolor y Adversidad
La integridad del psicoterapeuta en el Tratamiento del Trauma Psicológico

Curso-Taller Avanzado para Psicoterapeutas

Ciudad de México

Julio 26 Introducción

Agosto 17 & 18, 2024 Curso-Taller

Presencial y virtual

Este curso taller avanzado está diseñado para psicoterapeutas que desean fortalecer su desarrollo profesional y obtener un entendimiento más profundo de las complejidades en el trabajo con consultantes traumatizados. A lo largo de 6 horas de instrucción intensiva, los participantes desarrollarán habilidades clave para manejar el trauma psicológico con confianza y comprensión, participando en ejercicios experienciales para reforzar el aprendizaje. El curso profundiza en técnicas de integración de los siguientes elementos que se deben entrelazan y aplican con ética y efectividad en la práctica clínica:

El saber:

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Working with Dysregulated Clients

NYCATT Thematic Series

May 30th, 2024

12PM to 1:30PM

on Zoom

Antonieta Contreras will talk about how to conceptualize dysregulation when clients feel out of balance, lead a conversation on brain-related interventions, and share practical tips for working with clients who struggle with this.. After her presentation she, together with Nancy Payne, will be answering questions about the subject and giving feedback on particular cases


Sex, Consent, and Trauma
An Interdisciplinary Exploration of the Biology, Psychology, and Sociology of Sexual Interactions

This course presents a golden opportunity to elevate your clinical skills and provide you with a profound understanding of the intricate dynamics surrounding sexual interactions. With a primary focus on critical issues such as consent, non-consensual sex, and their implications in terms of traumatization, you'll be equipped with a diverse range of interventions to assist your clients in navigating these complex challenges. Challenges that are present in almost every relationship, from dating and sexting to unwilling sexual interactions within the marriage and all "grey areas."

Date: December 1st, 2023
Time: 10 AM to 1 PM EST
Location: 1 Washington Square North, Parlor
3 CEUs

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Trauma Competency Training

A ten weeks course on Trauma Studies. Course integrates neurobiology, attachment theory, and dissociation, with self-regulation and somatic interventions.

On Zoom

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