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Trauma-Focused or EMDR
Supervision Groups

Through years of facilitating consultation groups, I have come to realize that the warmth inherent in these sessions not only fosters a sense of community but also enables us to approach cases from fresh and innovative perspectives. To better assist you and your clients, I include principles and interventions from a range of modalities. I am committed to working collaboratively to deliver the best possible care to your clients.

What I Cover

I specialize in trauma, sexuality, relationships, EMDR, and several other modalities such as AEDP, IFS, REBT, Mindfulness, etc. I provide groups tailored mainly to these areas of expertise. During each session, I introduce special topics and apply them to actual cases that you can bring to the table. My groups are focused on practical learning with the aim of making a tangible impact on your professional practice and the lives of your clients. Additionally, they are designed to boost your confidence as a clinician.

Different Types of Groups

Within our intimate setting, we engage in open dialogue about cases, providing diverse perspectives that often yield profound insights. It's not until we describe our cases that we really face the intricacies of them. These sessions offer a valuable opportunity to learn from our fellow clinicians, fine-tune our conceptual understanding, and stay abreast of the latest advancements in our field.


I provide groups tailored mainly to treat trauma using many modalities, or to develop mastery on EMDR . We cover conceptualization, treatment planning, and the appropriate interventions coming from a variety of trauma modalities.

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Whether you are in private practice or working on a clinical setting, supervision becomes an absolute necessity, not only to better serve your clients, but also to create community. Join one of my groups and you’ll gain clear understanding on how to treat your clients reporting histories of traumatization and trauma symptoms.

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If you need supervision on EMDR to get certified, join one of my EMDR groups, organize one for you training cohort, or have individual sessions to get your hours. I also help CIT (consultants in training) for approval after certification.


LCSW Hour Accruing

If you need hours of clinical supervised hours to meet your requirements for your LCSW, I can help. The best way to accrue them is by joining the team of clinicians at my group practice. I’ll provide training, supervision, and guidance while you make money and work towards your license.

Groups Information

Frequency: Once a month for 2 hours

Location: We meet virtually via Zoom

Time: One Monday or Friday a month 10 AM to 12 PM

Size: The maximum number of participants per group is 8

Date: New groups start twice a year

Cost: $100 per session (minimum commitment is 6 months)

What supervisees say

Antonieta is an absolutely wonderful supervisor!   Antonietta is so knowledgeable, and through her wisdom,and guidance  she helped me to work effectively with those who have a trauma history. She is someone who takes her time to provide you with constructive feedback so you can learn, grow and become a better therapist.  She has supervised me while I did my initial training in trauma and was someone I sought out for supervision when I wanted to become EMDR certified.  I am now certified in EMDR (thank you Antonieta!).  I highly recommend her!  You will not regret it!

Elena Beharry, PsyD, Certified EMDR Clinician

Group Supervision Application

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