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Sex has been a taboo for too long. It has been so misunderstood, so repressed, and so misinterpreted that we face a series of barriers for achieving a healthy, integrated and functional development of it in society and on individuals. 

It's important to have a happy and fulfilling sexual experience as part of our lives. Enjoying sex is our right! 

Sex is a wonderful way to connect with others and with ourselves if understood and used with awareness. We can't deny that human sexuality is present in all areas, whether we are conscious of it or not. Therefore, sexuality and sexual health issues are related to the whole of our being. Sexual issues are related to areas of action, of feeling, of emotion, and of thinking. Our sexuality is definitely not bounded to our gender or our sexual organs. Thousands of couples and thousands of individuals experience sexual problems due to a lack of understanding, openness and acceptance of sexual activity different aspects.

Sexual issues could be related to: 

  • our romantic relationships, social environment, or job; our expectations, assumptions, religion or beliefs; 

  • our appearance, the appearance of others, perception, sensations,

  • to our love or hate.


Our treatments see your sexuality in this context. We help to overcome all types of challenges and help the sex and the relationship to move forward. 

We approach sex openly and broadly, covering  all the different aspects of it:

  • it's neurobiology,

  • physiology,

  • social implications, 

  • emotional characteristics, 

  • spiritual components and it's

  • relational attributes. 


We use different sexual models and not only behavioral solutions. Our philosophy resolves sexual problems based not only on desire and/or physical pleasure, but also on emotional needs, willingness, and connection that applies to all sexual orientations and ages. Good sex starts with the right attitude towards it. We facilitate the conversation for its healthy development.







When things go awry on your sexuality, you are not alone. We'll guide you to achieve a satisfactory and fulfilling sexual life. We work one-on-one —in a safe, caring, and confidential environment—to explore feelings, beliefs, or behaviors related to your sexuality. We cover from dissatisfaction to compulsion or dysfunction.



Thousands of couples experience sexual problems. We help overcoming all types of challenges and help the sex and the relationship to move forward. The reasons for distress can include infidelity, open relations, physical pain, sexual orientation doubts, fetishes, to name a few.




Whatever your concern is about your sexuality or one of yours, we could help finding answers, strategies, explanations, or the resources you need.


We focusing on Sexual Issues in the following areas:


  • Infidelity

  • Sexual Trauma

  • Problematic sexual behavior 

  • Sexual dissatisfaction

  • Open relationships

  • Lack of pleasure, arousal, desire, interest, etc.

  • Lack or issues with orgasms, sensations, pleasure, etc.

  • Sexual disfunction: erectile, premature ej., pain, etc.

  • Polysexuality

  • Fetishes

  • Orientation or identity issues

  • Transgender issues


Fields of Expertise:


Infidelity trauma

Sexual abuse


Compulsive sexual behavior



Sexual guilt

Sexual obsessions

Sexual taboos

Porn traumatization

Sexual dissociation

Heterosexual anal sex

Sexual education


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