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Why is PTSD a Thing?

The term “PTSD” should be change to “Trauma” to cover all the trauma phenomena. Trauma is a thing because we succumb to our primitive defenses when we are scared, and we get scared a lot. The primitive defenses are designed to protect prey from predators. It’s designed to keep the prey alive even if the predator catches the prey on its claws or jaws. I’m serious! That’s why dissociation can be so severe in humans; because it’s designed to bring the whole system into a state of almost death for the predator to lose interest because dead meat is not appealing. We, humans, live in a different type of danger, but our system still behaves as if we live among predators. Sad! Yes, we could be killed, but most of the time we get scared of things that are not life or death threats. I think we have become a very fearful society. We are afraid of death as if we could avoid it; we are afraid of illness, of loneliness, of losing social status, of not being liked, of the opinion of others, of almost everything including losing our comfort. The more afraid we become, the easier to get traumatized, and the more traumatized we are, the more scared we become. A horrible negative loop we get into as a collective and as individuals. Just think that the way we have been working as a society and countries to protect ourselves and our autonomies has not been with wars as before were so many people used to be killed, but with Terrorism, with Cold wars, with Spionage and Intelligence, with strategies that take away wealth but no lives. We live in such comfort, that it scares us to death the idea of losing it. Look what’s happening during the pandemic. That’s why Trauma is a thing; because we are getting more and more traumatized every day because we live in fear, and we have not been working on letting go of our fear; probably because we don’t know we need to, or know how. Pharma/psychiatry have convinced us that being anxious, worried, or afraid could be solved with a pill, or maybe with some legalized weed; “easy” solutions that keep our level of comfort. That’s how complacent we have become, and that’s how our system is “adapting” to our actual “safety”; by responding so primitively to our progress and getting “scared” for so many things to the level of getting traumatized for circumstances that we could solve with some thinking, some compassion, and some tolerance. That’s why this platform is so valuable. We didn't have an idea of why Trauma is a think. The psychiatric world has denied trauma for centuries. But now that we know, we can become proactive in learning more, and working on avoiding getting traumatized, or traumatizing others. Now that we know, we should make Trauma a no-thing.

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