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Sex Therapy


Our Approach

Since its conceptualization, NYCounseling Services has been totally focused on building a strategic, compassionate and qualified practice with the vision of changing the way mental health is delivered and achieved, both in terms of service, approach, definition, and methodology.

We work with a wide range of mental health issues and offer a different type of services besides the traditional talk therapy sessions.

Our approach to psychotherapy is customized and incorporates the new technologies/modalities that have emerged following the latest neuroscience findings on mental health.

Our psychotherapeutic approach emphasizes the strength of the therapeutic relationship, safety, privacy and background of every person. This facilitates the building of trust, awareness, and ego-strengths necessary for growth.

We believe in achieving mental health by the integration of mental states as opposed to believing in mental illness. 

We strive to create an experience that conduces people to feel capable, independent, adapted to their environment, and finally more satisfied.

We offer a number of treatment specializations that the clinician chooses based on the specific needs of the client, which includes the typical weekly individual session, Neurotherapy, coping skills classes, or experiential groups. 

After consulting with us, we will recommend the type of service or combination that will facilitate your growth and well being.


Trauma treatment 

Neurobiology based Therapy




•  Depression

•  Anxiety

•  Emotional disturbances

•  Obsessive thinking

•  Confidence

•  Negligence

•  Personality issues

•  Grief

•  Dependence 

•  Mood issues


•  Trauma

•  Infidelity

•  Abortion trauma

•  Relationship issues

•  Spirituality issues

•  Shame

•  Self-esteem

•  Parenting

•  Social anxiety

•  Psychogenic Non-Epileptic Seizures




Young adults


Couples into marriage

Married Couples in distress

Engaged couples

Divorcing couples


Trauma treatment training

Neurobiology of trauma workshops

Clinical Mindfulness classes

Pre-engagement course

Pre-marriage counseling


  • On-site Training is a flexible and cost-effective option for corporations since it allows to train as many or as few employees as needed—from a single team or department to everyone in your organization.

  • Without extra expenses, you can benefit from programs that are delivered when and where you want them—at your offices or at a location of your choice.

  • Our programs will make your groups more coherent and happy, and you'll notice an increase in productivity and performance.

  • Our trainings for your team include:

  • Mindfulness and awarefulness for productivity

  • Conviviality at work

  • Corporate Empathy

  • Pliant Communication skills

  • Professionals currently working in the field of mental health or those working in organizations where mental health issues are prevalent are always in need of professional development, and currently, demanded by the NYS Department of Education to demonstrate it. 


We offer on-site actualization training on:

•  Attachment

•  Trauma

•  Mind/body approaches

•  Clinical Mindfulness and Awarefulnes.


We offer supervision in person or by phone on trauma and EMDR, and Neurofeedback mentoring.

•  Attachment

•  Accidents

•  Losses

•  Infidelity

•  Divorce

•  Family conflicts

•  Impulsivity

•  Dissociation

•  Career dilemma

•  Procrastination

•  Sexual dysfunction

•  Sexual trauma

•  Sexual orientation

•  Sexual pleasure

•  Neglect

•  Abuse

•  Violence

•  Domestic abuse

•  Behavioral issues

•  Dissociation

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