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Does PTSD ever go away or can it be cured?


course, it goes ways. Especially if you take care of it and of yourself.

PTSD tends to fade away little by little because the system will try to regain balance if possible. It’s very demanding for your brain to operate in survival mode all the time. Studies say that 70 to 80% of people that go through a traumatic event don’t develop PTSD, and that around 75% of those with PTSD heal within a year.

PTSD develops because you are in a situation where you feel threatened, at risk, and have lost hope you can make it. The loss of hope is what really detonates and keeps PTSD alive. The traumatic event in itself is not what makes you sick; it’s not gaining control over fear what creates the instruction to the brain to continue operating in survival mode. That’s what trauma is.

So, you have the power to stop the illness. How? By assessing the real threat, finding solutions to be safer, and instructing your brain to stop the survival mode. You have to gain awareness that survival strategies are only needed when you are at imminent risk of perishing. If you are not, tell your brain that you are alive and that you can handle it without the extreme modifications that are making you sick. If you are at risk, then you have to do whatever you need to reduce that risk and put yourself safe. If you are not safe, your brain will continue being in freaking mode.

If you don’t know how to regulate your emotions and keep crying with anxiety and panic, then you need to look for professional help to learn to regulate what the PTSD is dysregulating.

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