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Sex, Consent & Trauma

An Interdisciplinary Exploration of the Biology, Psychology, and Sociology of Sexual Interactions 

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This course presents a golden opportunity to elevate your clinical skills and provide you with a profound understanding of the intricate dynamics surrounding sexual interactions. With a primary focus on critical issues such as consent, non-consensual sex, and their implications in terms of traumatization, you'll be equipped with a diverse range of interventions to assist your clients in navigating these complex challenges.

Using a Sex Positive approach and delving into a comprehensive examination of the physiological and evolutionary foundations of sexual behavior, alongside the intricate web of social and cultural influences, you'll develop a rich toolkit of interventions to address sexual norms, practices, and their profound implications.


This transformative workshop will help you broaden your therapeutic expertise and make a lasting difference in the lives of your clients by delivering a thought-provoking perspective that goes beyond the everyday conversation.


Key Workshop Highlights

  • Understanding Perspectives: Gain insight into different perspectives and approaches to studying sexual interactions, encompassing the biological, psychological, and sociological viewpoints.

  • Complex Factors: Explore the intricate ways in which social and cultural norms around gender, power, and sexuality influence the understanding and communication of consent, as well as the impact of trauma and traumatization.

  • Survival Circuits: Examine the role of survival circuits in sexual behavior, shedding light on the potential for confusion regarding consent in the context of trauma.

  • Trauma and Recovery: Delve into the neuro-bio-psycho-social aspects of trauma, addressing its impact on sexual interactions, as well as strategies for recovery and healing.

  • Critical Analysis: Develop critical thinking skills to assess issues related to consent and non-consent in sexual encounters.

  • Real-World Application: Apply your knowledge to real-world situations, including the legal and ethical implications of consent in sexual encounters.

  • Open Dialogue: Engage in respectful and open-minded discussions with peers on sensitive topics related to sexual interactions, consent, and trauma.



At the conclusion of this workshop, you will possess a deeper understanding of the multifaceted factors that shape sexual interactions and what could make them traumatic. You will be equipped with the tools to critically evaluate, analyze, and resolve your client's issues related to consent and non-consent.

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