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Join our book club for an immersive journey through the pages of my book Traumatization and Its Aftermath.

We will create a space where we can come together to read, learn, and discuss.

What you can expect:

  • Read Together: We'll review sections of my book together. It's a chance to dive into the trauma domains and explore their depths.

  • Ask Anything: Have questions about the book or want to clarify something? This is the place to ask. I'm here to answer and discuss.

  • Share Thoughts: Share your thoughts, insights, and opinions. Your perspective adds a unique flavor to our discussions.

How It Works:

  • Online Meetups: We meet online monthly to discuss what we've read. It's flexible and easy to join from anywhere. Join any month you like.

  • Open Discussion: No judgment here. Whether you loved it or had questions, we're here to chat openly and respectfully.

  • No Pressure: You don't have to be a trauma expert. This club is for everyone who enjoys learning about traumatization.

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