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We work with couples to restore a better level of functioning for those who experience relationship distress.


The reasons for distress can include poor communication skills, incompatibility, or a broad spectrum of psychological disorders that include domestic violence, alcoholism, depression, anxiety, and mental illness.


By facing the unhealthy dynamics developed between the couple, we work through the conflicting verbal communication, increasing intimacy, respect, and affection, removing barriers, and creating a higher sense of empathy and understanding within the context of the relationship. 


Sometimes, the couple's problem reflects individual issues. Depression and the quality of couple relationships are closely intertwined with each other. It is not possible to generalize about which comes first, or to define a straightforward chain that created it. The relationship can best be described as one of mutual influence. Intervening to support the couple's relationship has proven to be an effective and acceptable approach to treating depression, and there are strong grounds for claiming that working with the couple, not only benefits partners directly, it also has the capacity to prevent depression in the extended family through its indirect effects on children. 

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