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"Antonieta Contreras has written a book that offers both clients and clinicians a clear view of trauma’s effects on the neurobiological domains of trauma as well as a roadmap for treatment. Traumatization and Its Aftermath switches the clinical focus from resolving traumatic events to understanding, assessing and restoring the nervous system to optimal states. To illuminate her points, Ms. Contreras provides a composite case study travelling backwards from a traumatizing experience that tipped the neurobiological scales to the familial and societal antecedents that stressed the system. Written in an easy, conversational tone that belies the complexity of the information it conveys, this book is as readable as it is comprehensive. Both clients and clinicians will want it on their shelves."

Lana Epstein, LCSW, senior trainer for the Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Institute, and EMDRIA-approved consultant in EMDR


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